Can You make money with a cheap website?

To make some money you don't have to spend a lot of money buiding a website, all that matters is the content that you offer through that site.

It is important to gain authority and to be able to attract people willing to spend money, while they are looking to spend them.

When you have enough of these visitors, you can try to monetize the traffic they generate.

The best ways to monetize a site

  • PPC Ads » Pay Per Click Ads » The most important pay-per-click ad intermediary is Google through AdWords
  • PPView » Pay Per View Ads » AdWords is the leader even in that, offering that type of ads through various sites and also trough YouTube.
  • Affiliate Links » You recommend a service or product through a special customized link and you can obtain a share of the price of sales generated in this way. You must join some affiliate networks and try the best for you.
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